Martin Credland.

                         Wolfreton School
                         Hull Until 1978.

Further Education:
                         Since Leaving school continuing education has been deemed essential.  Listed 
                         below are a few of the courses attained whilst continuing this education.
                         HND Multimedia
                         OCN Law
                         RSA Business Spanish 
                         C&G Media Techniques Television & Video
                         Computer literacy and Information Technology 
                        + many work related courses. 

1978 Onwards:
                         I started work a British Aerospace Brough (Now known AS BAE Systems) in 1978,
                         and still there.  

                         I have starred and took part in many corperate videos for the company, the pinnacle
                         of my stage carreer was working for Alan Hillary Events playing 'right cloud' in a 
                         presentaion for Prince Andrew (The Duke of York) The show was staged in 
                         commemoration of the hand over of a restored sea fury to the  Royal Navy's historic
                         flight museum.

Professional Media Eperience

                         Producing Interactive DVD for “Extreme Carp Fishing With Pete Castle”, 2004-2005
                         DVD sponsored by Carpology Magazine/Shimano/ Solar Tackle/Korda/Dynamite Baits 
                         with a view to producing mini series for satellite TV  (in production)

                         Head cameraman working for Real Design and Government body SEMTRA, 2005 
                         Filming every aspect of their industry for training purposes

                         Head cameraman working for Real Design and Sun Chemicals, 2004 
                         Filming every aspect of their industry for training purposes

                         filming for Simon Dawbarn (AKA Spike of pop group 911)promotional videos for
                         clients and providing live feeds of shows to tv monitors at venues

                         Filming for KHCC's Blast 2003 music festival at Hulls Vulcan Arena

                         FIlmed for BAE Systems charity golf tournament 2003
                         To film, edit and supply video for night time after dinner speeches

                         Head cameraman working for Real Design and the Polestar Group of companies, 2003-2004 
                         Travelling the UK Europe filming every aspect of their industry for training 

                         Managing director of Castalia Productions
                         Castalia- is a wholly owned production company set up by AMC / REAL DESIGN-
                         responsibilities include accounts, PR, future business, 
                         Promotional videos provided for Maximum Leisure, 2003
                         To promote maximum Leisure obtain contract with the National Crime Stoppers 
                         charity to provide entertainment and facilities Travelling the UK filming 
                         the show for Pilot tv programme

                         Director/ Head cameraman working for WPL Manchester
                         Travelling the UK filming the Wiggy Re-Loaded show

                         Videos created and edited for Hull Truck Theatre Company web site, 2002
                         These videos were filmed live at the launch of the Hull Truck Theatre 
                         Company for the start of the 2002 season.

                         Footage provided for BBC – Look North Programme, 2002
                         Footage was provided after an RAF Tornado fighter crashed into the River 

                         Footage provided for Yorkshire Television – Calendar News, 2002
                         As above

                         Real Design Studios 
                         Main videographer for Real Design Studios providing video for web sites, 
                         interactive CD ROMs and other material.

                         Music Videos –B&G and Baseman Family, 2002
                         Filmed videos for music groups as mentioned above.

                         ‘Right Cloud’ – Alan Hillary Events, 1998
                         Formed part of the stage crew for the handing over of a restored aircraft 
                         to the Royal Fleet Air Arm, attended by HRH Prince Andrew.

                         Interactive CD ROM – Kingston upon Hull LEA (Education Action Zone), 2002 
                         Filmed 19 Short videos for a CD ROM to help schools with the national 
                         curriculum, specialising in Design, Reprographics & Print.

                         Interactive CD ROM – Health and Safety for BAE Systems, 2001
                         Produced a concept CD ROM for the Company to make easier the ordering of 
                         the correct Health and Safety equipment, direct from the supplier (Linked 
                         to web)	

                         Interactive CD ROM – Hull College, 2001 Produced a short CD ROM 
                         which gave information about the college, and what courses were 
                         available and where (Linked to web).
AMC Productions:
                         the year 2000 saw the set up of AMC Productions (A Multi Cultural Experience) 
                         was set up.  It forms part of an escape plan from the above mentioned company. 
                         It has done various projects both local and National.
                         (see proffessional experience)

                         I am the main videographer for Real Design Studios.  We have recently completed
                         an interactive CD ROM for Schools in the Hull Area.  The CD will raise students 
                         awareness of the design, reprographic and print industry.  As it contributes to 
                         the national curriculum it is expected to go nationwide.

                         AMC is also resposible for certain news items for both the BBC and ITV, on both 
                         local and National news. 

                         AMC has also has been involved in video production (media equipment hire and 
                         support services subcontractor) for music videos in association with Uylsses Records
                         (part of BandB Group of companies - main contractor).
                         The Hull Truck Theatre Company website was contributed to with video footage of 
                         'Bouncers Remix' this was directed filmed and edited with help from AMC Productions.
                         Bouncers was required to be filmed for a unit of my HND Qualification.

                        Married to Lisa, 2 children Kirstie 18, and Lauren 5 going on 15.